Testimonials That Win: From Bland to Brand Ambassadors, Now!


We believe your brand promise! It is not merely the tagline you created in a coaching session. Not just something you repeated to get attention at a networking opportunity. It is the heart of your intention for your customer, and we believe you make it happen every day!

At Heart2Heart Business Communications and Media (H2H), we are driven and passionate about uncovering the story of how your products and services empowered and transformed the lives of your customers…from their perspective. Is not that ultimately the bottom line of your brand promise–“More will be made possible in your life?”

Given the results of your brand promise, surely your customers are now your “Raving Brand Ambassadors!” Don’t they plot to get you in newspapers, on radio, write articles about you or get someone who knows someone to do it? Don’t they let you know when there is an event that would further your cause and show up there to testify about you? And why not? Their lives have moved forward, their dreams nearer or achieved. They find you investors, offer to invest in your company or whatever cause you believe in and do everything in their power to help you grow and expand your life and your business. Right?

If so, we welcome you to H2H. We want to celebrate and share this love affair between you and your customers. Think of us as your APP for testimonials, quick, easy to use and downloadable!

However…if customers loving on you like that seems…well… alien, like a dream you once had, a little off-putting, or a nightmare–too much enthusiasm can be dangerous— we absolutely welcome you as well. We want to show you the way bland customers awaken to the impact you have made in their lives, and how they go to work for you and drive new revenue and opportunities to you.

We hope you enjoy all the stories we gather and write from customers, as well as from professionals and CEO’s. We link their brand promise to their heart narrative, not your typical about-me-bio. H2H because we know the bigger questions that open the heart in business, were the true gold lies. Let us help you mine it.

If you have Raving Brand Ambassadors, tell us your story. Email it to swilliams@sheffrawilliams.com
Subject heading; My love affair with my customers: How it happened!

We love to tell the good news!
Sheffra A. Williams, President, H2H