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Money: How Did You Get It When You Were Little?

Salon Story Invite for Friday, April 25, 2014

By Sheffra A. Williams


It was at the end of the Salon and the agenda called for “takeaways” from anyone who cared to share what they had gotten from the three entrepreneurs who had “stood” in the Salon that Friday morning. Roger Kessler shared how he learned to grow his first “cash cow,” as one guest called it, when he was just eight. What increased the value of his investment and what had not became clear each spring when he sold his investment at market.

Joy Harmony, a serial entrepreneur shared, “I raised more money than anyone else in my church when I was a child. They would give candy to me to sell for twenty-five cents, but I would sell it for a dollar. Today, I’m involved now in a huge fundraising project for a spiritual community. I’m not just on a team, I have three teams raising the money.”

Harry E. Shade

Harry E. Shade

Harry Shade, co-producer of the radio shows Marvelous Monday’s with Harry and Phil and the new, Vegas Over 40, un-muted his line and announced himself.

“Harry! Wow! I didn’t know you were on the call. So glad you could make it!”

I knew Harry had become VP of Sales in a new company, doubling his responsibilities. His attendance at the Salon, given how busy he was, reflected the value he placed on being a part of the Salon.

“Well, I did not want to interrupt the dialogue already in progress, but I’ve been listening to how you said you had learned to not make assumption about who would give you money when you were raising capital. The person who you thought had no money was willing to fund you. I have learned that I don’t know, and it is only by being open that I find out. Here’s a recent example. I wanted funding for a particular project and didn’t know where I’d get the money. However, I accepted that I would. I received a check for thousands of dollars within a week from a source I had not anticipated!”

I was grateful for Harry’s “takeaway,” and for the other Salon Partners who shared how they made money when they were little.

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