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Money and Your Calling: Innate Tendencies, a Choice, or Both?

Salon Story for Friday May 9, 2014
By Sheffra A. Williams, CEO H2H

“So how did you get money and what did you do with it when you were a child?” I asked. The large response to an earlier conference call of Your Business Salon for a Better World, (Salon), indicated a keen interest, so we repeated it. Mandi Susman, a graduate of CEO Space International and Internet Marketing expert at her company, Sus4Media, located in the Bronx, co-moderated the call and offered her story.

Mandi M Susman

Mandi M Susman

“I got paid a quarter for chores, and I purchased candy and treats!” she said. “The candy cost a quarter, but there was always that penny tax on the candy. I had to be extremely careful to save enough from one of my quarters to pay the tax on the candy.”

Mandi had “stood” often in the Salon, sharing her love for numbers, researching and making things work when she was a child. Her long-standing characteristics supported her success in helping small businesses “get found on line.” Because of this, other Salon participants asked for her help. But Mandi also had other projects.

“Mandi, what do you do for large corporate clients?” I asked.

“Well, I help corporations structure stock offering for employees they want to reward without burdening them with tax consequences that might make wipe out the reward,” she said. Her voice reflected her commitment to this work; her story showed how enduring her characteristics had been.

Philip B Auerbach

Philip B Auerbach

“I have a different take on my childhood experience,” a voice explained. It was Philip Auerbach, a new Salon Partner and also a CEO Space grad. He was founder and CEO of Auerbach International, a language translation and global marketing company located in Northern California.

“I began to learn languages in middle school as a conscious choice. I decided to develop an expertise that no one could take from me. It was a survival mechanism…”

Participants wanting to connect with Philip jockeyed to share comments at the end of his “stand.” Mandi offered to connect him with a possible project in South Africa.

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart

Others stood in the Salon connecting their childhood pleasures and decisions with their current projects. Mike Stewart, CEO Space grad and owner of Crossroads, a company helping individuals and communities to live healthier lives, did chores for money too. His motivation, however, was not the money, but helping others in his community with gardening and whatever could make their lives better. Now his Tower Garden project helps communities grow organic foods year round without soil.

Call in to our next Salon, Friday, May 9th at 10:30 AM PST with special guest, Wen Boley, CEO Space grad, and founder and CEO of several companies including: Sticky Sheets, the number one pet product for years in the US; an oil company; and F.R.I.Y.E., with an app that delivers instructions on how to do just about anything. Guess what he did as a child. Come “see” who he has always been! Reply Yes! through LinkedIn or with your email address, by Noon, PST on Thursday, May 8th. Call in info and materials will be sent that same day to the email address of your reply. The Salon “…because the answers are different.” Sheffra, CEO.

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