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Salon Story for Friday, January 25, 2014
By Sheffra A. Williams,President, Heart2Heart (H2H) Business Communications and Media

I could not mistake her voice. Her energy splashed over the conference call line; she laughed as she spoke.

“Hello Sheffra,” she beamed!

“Welcome Mafe! We’ve been looking forward to your “standing” in the Salon today,” I replied.

Mafe Rabino

Mafe Rabino

This would be the first time Mafe Rabino would “stand” as a Salon Partner. She had twice participated in this worldwide teleconference call for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals. The values of the Salon were congruent with her values. Proof was in the Salon Partners’ User Agreement, which she had reviewed and signed.

Several new Salon Partners, along with Mafe, would be introduced to the Salon as well. One was Tom “Zip” Zibton of Texas, CEO Space Grad and a real estate investor, involved in building assisted living facilities, one of his many projects. Medical energy healing for people who were frustrated with not getting the healing they needed, was also his passion. That “Zip” in his name was for a reason!

Check-in at the Salon occurred by each region of the world. Juan Pablo Heitz, called in from Spain; it was his second time participating.

Roger Kessler, financial wealth advisor and a Salon Partner, served as Co-moderator that day. He facilitated our practices for engaging in “WE CYCLE” behaviors in a timely manner; structure provided support for deep connections.

“Next up is Mafe Rabino,” Roger said.

Mafe greeted everyone with her customary joy. She gave us a glimpse of her humanity and how she would show up for Salon Partners or for any project to which she would commit her time and energy.

“I gift is to add value wherever I go,” Mafe explained. “As a result, things get bigger and better than before I came; it’s who I am.”

She laughed again and everyone heard joy bubble up from that deep well she carries in her chest.

“I’m a strategist. I help to fund companies by bringing investors to the table. Many are people I know, and I prepare and deliver the paperwork and compliance that are needed for successful capital raising for any project. It takes the same amount of paperwork and time to raise $250,000 as it does to raise $7,000,000.”

“Can you recall when you were little, prior to twelve years of age, when you knew you were called to express your gifts,” I asked? She recalled what could never be forgotten.

“I was just a little child, when I and some other children were shown a movie about a “chicken” that wanted to fly. It was ridiculed by all of the other chickens for even having such thoughts, but that urge continued to grow. Then one day, when the urge was unbearable, the “chicken” flapped its wings, and found itself airborne; it was an eagle! The facilitator asked us to draw a picture about the movie and to share it. I drew a picture of me flying; I was the eagle!”

Join us for our next Salon on Friday, January 24th at 10:30 AM, (PST). Return to connect with exceptional people willing to share their humanity first, then their projects, and willing to support your next step as well.

How to Register? New or repeat Guests? Send a “Yes!” reply by Noon, (PST) Thursday, January 23rd to this message through Linkedin, or by emailing your “Yes!” reply to swilliams@sheffrawilliams.com. Include your name, business name and region of the world. Call-in info will be sent on Thursday, January 23rd.

With Respect and Admiration…Because We See YOU!
Sheffra A. Williams, President, Heart2Heart Business Communications and Media
Skype: sheffra.williams
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