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Go Fish at the Salon

Salon Story for Friday April 11, 2014
By Sheffra A. Williams, CEO

“Who taught you to fish?” asked Roger. His voice on the recording sounded confident, positive and honoring as he announced the theme of the Salon.

Roger paused, gave time for reflection, then posed another question.

“And who did you teach to fish?” he asked.

This was Roger Kessler’s first time as moderator of “Your Business Salon for a Better World,” (Salon) a worldwide teleconference call where storytelling partners up with business opportunities, and connections take root and deepen. Brenda Morken, Brand Partner with Nerium International co-moderated, as usual.

“David Malinski calling from British Columbia is up next,” said Brenda.

“Welcome David! So who taught you to fish?” Roger asked.

“My English teacher,” said David, and then drew us into the story of some of the best leadership training of his life.

“The Canadian military had a system of cadet leadership training for boys, which could begin when they were thirteen years of age. I was a cadet in the air force branch and my English teacher had been a cadet as well. Rather than the goal of rushing to the next level of reservist, my teacher encouraged me to work at finding opportunities to grow into leadership by the practice of paying it forward and teaching younger cadets what I had learned. That felt right to me. I learned to be efficient at building teams and monitoring progress to stay on track. It prepared me for one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

I felt a small shiver as I listened to the recording. David is the father of three boys and involved in precious metal and mining. But this recording had made a powerful experience permanent; it expressed what he could pass on as part of his life’s legacy.

“I was 17 years old, still a cadet, and placed in a position of second in command of 4300 other cadets My camp commandant chose me as his second in command. All his officers had been assigned. There was no one to monitor the whole camp, a vital position missing even in today’s organizations.”

I imagined the glint in David’s eyes and the tension in his jaw as he ended his story with, “I became his eyes, ears and hands, re-allocating resources where needed. As a result, we accomplished in four hours what normally would have taken two days.”

I turned off my computer and noted my own takeaway: “The days of the lone Ranger are over!” Each entry on the Wall of Gratitude on my website www.sheffrawilliams.com marks the spots where others helped me grow and showed me how to see, hear and do from a bigger perspective than any single fisher could ever provide.

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