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From Spin to Spine: The Art and Practice of Giving at the Salon

Salon Story for Friday, March 14, 2014
By Sheffra A. Williams, CEO H2H

Roger Kessler had participated in the Salon since it began, even facilitating “Smart Calls,” during the summer, which made us “smart” for him. We not only knew what he did, how he did it, and the kind of client that could maximize the use of his services, we knew why he did it. The roots of his focus on family wealth building for middle class Americans had been excavated and traced back to his childhood, prior to twelve years of age. We knew how he had uncovered those roots after 26 years in the US Army, retiring as colonel with a command of 26,000 thousand men and women; he shared that process with everyone.

Roger Kessler

Roger Kessler

Those attending the Salon as regularly as Roger knew that Roger once assumed others had experienced what was actually unique to him. “Didn’t everybody meet their banker when they were in kindergarten?” he would ask. “Didn’t you get your leather bound passbook in first grade?”

Roger watched the numbers in his passbook grow as he grew, knowing the numbers belonged to him. Each year, from the time he was eight years old until he left home for college, he received a calf: his investment. He grew the calves to maturity, while learning how to care for each of them and negotiating deals to sell them at market. His father was his first wealth coach; but by the time he was twelve, he was negotiating his own deals, and seeing the results in the accumulation of his wealth.

We knew he had protected his mother’s eggs from the fat snakes and conniving rats. We knew he had climbed trees on his farm, but not to see the vista at the top. He climbed to experience getting better at climbing. He noted how far he could climb with different strategies like twisting his body for leverage, using an old tricycle to extend his reach, noting how his natural growth conspired to extend that reach.

Those attending the Salon learned how Roger’s reasons for doing his wealth advisement business prior to uncovering his own roots, had little power to arouse commitment in others, let alone himself. Commitment to the goal been the number one key to his success as a military commander. However, he could not “see” the uniqueness of who he was, and thus his place in the world and what he was called to do. “Seeing” and being seen is not an event, but a practice.

Samantha Bright of Samantha Bright International took her stand at our Salon that fourth Friday in February at 10:30 AM PST. She had attended twice, signed the user agreement, knowing the values of the Salon and her own were congruent. She knew giving was not spin at the Salon, but the spine of it. Participants knew from her first visit, that she valued giving: she shared her take-aways, volunteered to read, even referred others to the Salon.

“So Samantha,” I said after welcoming her, “We’ll talk about your business, projects and next step, but before we do, tell us what you did that gave you pleasure when no one was around, when you were little, say prior to twelve years of age.”

Samantha responded immediately. The pleasure the memory gave her seemed to pulsate over the call lines.

“I loved being outdoors in nature. Trees were beings, alive to me; I ate their fruit and engaged them in conversations. They were my friends. I spoke to the Fairies that came by and to my “Guides” who taught me all about their world and gave me guidance in mine. It was natural; I thought everyone could see them, since I could.”

“So tell us what your business is now, what is your project?”

“I’m a seer and psychic, and my mission at this time, on this plane is to create a space where women absolutely committed to their spiritual development and can gather and support one another in that development as their primary purpose.”

Samantha guides others today. Everyone attending that day saw her uniqueness as well as their own. Roger never says, “Doesn’t everyone do that?”, but rather helps others to see how their uniqueness can be partnered with his to achieve both their of visions. Wealth advisement or any other business is merely a platform for giving.

Be our guest at the Next Salon: Friday, March 14, 10:30 AM-Noon PDT.

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