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Empathy: Fueling Your Genius, Filling the Gap Between You, Your Vision and “Others”

Salon Story for Friday, June 27, 2014
By Sheffra A. Williams, President and CEO, H2H Communications

“Who has a WEAVE™ to share?” Brenda Morken asked. She co-moderated the Business Salon For a Better World™, a worldwide telephone conference call for investors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and professionals who make a difference in the world. She quickly
explained to newcomers to the Salon that a WEAVE™ meant, a Winning Exchange of Action, Energy and Value, ™ what creates sustainable wealth, buy-in and community.

Philip B Auerbach

Philip B Auerbach

Philip Auerbach, CEO and Founder of Auerbach International, a company that translates into 80 languages, jumped on the call with, “I have a WEAVE™”, then mesmerized us for the next several minutes with this story: “My company translates in 80 languages, and we are a global marketing company as a result of this expertise. I got a call from a chiropractor that developed a cushion that supports the spine and thus the posture for entrepreneurs who sit all day. The chiropractor understood that we had expertise in packaging his cushion. However, after I met with him and listened to him, he articulated a much bigger vision for his product, and I helped him to see that packaging alone would not get him to that bigger vision. He did not have global marketing expertise like my company, but he had a product that would absolutely support entrepreneurs around the world.”

“Empathy is what Philip had for his client, I thought. I remembered the LinkedIn update made by Deborah Mangini of Financial Game Changers, also on that call. Deborah shared a post by Brian Solis, a social media expert who addressed the recent, worldwide, social media conference in France. He named a new generation the C generation, which is not age determined but connection determined. The key to visioning is empathy for your customers, seeing the world through their eyes, and helping them to see the world that they desire to help create. Become a platform for your customers’ platforms, was Brian’s message to me.

The opposite of empathy is judgment—excluding because others are “being” different, or “other.” Brenda spoke about that. She took the Genius test, developed by Roger Hamilton. Brenda saw her unique genius or point of view in a concrete way, which then
increased her acceptance and empathy for herself. Accepting her own genius dramatically decreased the friction between herself and someone she wanted to help. Now she could be of service and her team would be more effective.

Do you have clients you would like to serve better than you are? Are you building a team? Do you understand that your team members should not all be like you, but acknowledge that those who are not like you are…well…slightly irritating to you? Want
to enhance your relationships in all arenas of your life?

We honor your desire to be of greater service by inviting you to attend the GeeYouAreYou Salon™(GURU) on Friday, June 27th at 10:30 AM PST to greatly increase your capacity to connect. Take the genius test offered by Mari Smith for Roger Hamilton at this link, then bring your results to the Salon and experience how making Heart Connections™ in the Salon can move your business forward at warp speed.

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With respect and admiration,
Sheffra A. Williams, CEO Heart2Heart Business Communications and Media™