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Disruptive Gratitude™ at the Salon

Salon Story for Friday, July 11, 2014

By Sheffra A. Williams, CEO H2H

The first couple of weeks in July might just be the perfect time to consider engaging in Disruptive Gratitude™. July 1st is the beginning of the new fiscal year for many companies, or the halfway mark.

Hang on to your seat when people speak from the heart and began to detail the impact that others have made on their lives; plans may change quickly. That happened to me during our last teleconference call of “Your Business Salon for a Better World,” (Salon).

This is a story-invite to share what happened at that Salon and to peak your interest in jumping on the last Salon for the season this Friday, July 11, 2014 at 10:30 AM PST.

The Salon is a bi monthly, worldwide, teleconference call and free community service of my business, H2H™and creates deep bonds and connections for entrepreneurs through the power of storytelling.  Participants share their innate humanity first, and then do business in a highly collaborative and intimate way.  They are rooted in the awareness of others gifts and visions of a better world.  The June 27th call was only one of the two remaining Salons for our season. The new season would begin in September. During the week leading up to Friday, June 27th, I wondered if anyone would show up for the Salon on that Friday. It was the same day as a major forum for CEO Space International, an entrepreneurial training and trade show.  Many members regularly attend its events.

Deborah Mangini

Deborah Mangini

Deborah Mangini of Financial Game Changers and Brenda Morken, Brand Partner at Nerium International, attended, and were exactly the ones who were “supposed to be” on that call.  We shifted the agenda and “disruptive gratitude”™ came pouring out of each of us, flushing me out of my comfort zone, disrupting my plans and idea of my next step.  Instead, I am laying the foundations and infrastructure under a particular dream that had been dangling in the air for years. I received a platform to give more massively with greater web based technologies and content and strategy giveaways than I imagined before that Salon.

Brenda Morken

Brenda Morken

What happened for Brenda and Deborah?  You’ll have to drop by this Friday and ask them.

There will be plenty of times for you, too, to express gratitude for the amazing gap you breached from where you were two years ago to where you are today. You were not alone.  You were aided in thousands of necessary actions that people made happen.  They ran interference for you, positioning just the right moment that carried your intentions and filled that gap.  Documenting all of that might just disrupt your idea of the size and breadth of what you are called to do and the resources that will be waiting.  Disruptive Gratitude™ is a game changer.  Come experience the possibilities!  See stories on The Salon page of my website about amazing human beings, all entrepreneurs, who attended the most recent Salons.

How to attend this last Salon of the season on Friday, July 11th 10:30 AM PST? Simply reply yes at swilliams@sheffrawilliams.com by Thursday Noon PST, July 10th. Call in info will be sent on that Thursday to the personal email address you provide. “Bring” vendors, employees, customers and investors. Tell them J impact they have made on your life and hang on to your seat! Just add their names and email addresses to your email when you reply.  We will send them their direct call in info, too!

“See” You at the Salon!  Sheffra, H2H™ 714.328.7343