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Courage and Pleasure at the Salon

Salon Story for Friday, March 28, 2014
By Sheffra A. Williams, CEO H2H

“How were you courageous?” I asked Fabiola. Her answer startled me.

“Bombs exploded daily around my grade school,” she exclaimed. “Children were terrified. I organized my classmates and played games with them to distract them.”

Her voice was strong and clear. She remembered the dangers of her childhood during the civil war in Haiti.

Fabiola Kinder

Fabiola Kinder

This was last Friday at Your Business Salon for a Better World, an open, worldwide teleconference call. It was Fabiola Kinder’s first time “standing” among other investors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and professionals who value their humanity first, then do business. Participating as a guest in two Salons was all that she needed to confirm how congruent the Salon values were with her own. In easy conversation, all un-rehearsed, she spoke from her heart, and seemed as surprised to remember this “story thread” about her life, as those on the teleconference were to hear it. She shared more about who she has always been, revealed through the good times, too.

“I was born in Haiti of European decent,” she continued. “My family prospered before the war. One relative was murdered. We had to leave Haiti during the violence, but were able to return. We owned a hotel resort, the hotel itself, the tallest building on the island. Before the war and after our return, I roamed through the buildings and gardens. When I was as young as nine years old, I gave tours of our beautiful resort to visitors from around the world.

Fabiola explained several of her current business projects, like the sale of resorts around the world, the current boom of such properties in Mexico, and being the chair for the upcoming Southern California Sister Cities Conference. Key presentations from consulates such as Japan, South Africa and Mexico were on the agenda. City officials and business leaders would learn how to partner with cities around the globe to enhance economic and cultural development. Organizing the global showcasing of cities as “hot properties” for investment and cultural exchanges seemed so congruent with who she was when she was nine.

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