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A Block: The Signal of a Story in Progress

Salon Story for Friday, June 6, 2014
By Sheffra A. Williams, CEO H2H


It was about 11:30 PM on a Monday night. The editor was ready to send the story to my LinkedIn connections as an invite, but the usual LinkedIn distribution system was changed. Only one invite at a time could be sent; it would take days; the call was on Friday.

The story invited participants to an intimate, exciting, and free teleconference called, Your Business Salon for a Better World, (Salon) occurring twice a month. It is a community service of my business, and CEO’s, investors, entrepreneurs and professionals on the call from around the world shared stories of their humanity and the values that drove them. Relationships resulted, and business and referrals flowed effortlessly. Participants relied on receiving their story-invite to register for the Salon, but the send-out was blocked.

I thanked the editor for doing all that she knew to do, and then I waited. Who always shows up at the Salon?” I asked in the quiet. My answer was clear: Salon Partners, one as far away as Australia, who had been with the Salon for over a year. They would be looking for the story-invite to register their attendance. They had all signed user agreements with the Salon showing the congruence between their values and those of the Salon; some had helped to draft those agreements.

Orderly questions began to flow: Why not bring the problem of using LinkedIn to Salon Partners since I had their email addresses? Why not invite them to share their vision for the Salon? Why not invite them to share their vision for their lives and how the Salon might support that vision? There were no reasons not to use the ideas suggested.

Many Salon Partners shared on that Friday what was their vision for the Salon. Each one mirrored the angle of their innate humanity:

Roger Kessler

Roger Kessler

For example, a place of respite and renewal through the sharing of stories suggested by Roger Kessler, a financial wealth advisor who loves seeing the lights go on in someone’s eyes; a place to grow by being of service suggested by Deborah Mangini, whose business is helping individuals acquire wireless communication assets and who loves empowering them through education. Others like Darryl Crutchfield, a mechanical engineer, hip hop artist and social entrepreneur, offered operational ideas, noting that there is always a gap between the blue print and the building. Daniel Latch of S.P.E.A.R coaching saw a place for coaching and support. In fact, he showed us a quick process of envisioning seeing ten years in the future!

The block morphed into space to experience our individual visions and the gifts we bring, which now becomes a story for us to remember and share with you. Join us Friday, June 13 at 10:30 AM PST. Register by Noon PST on Thursday, June 12 by replying Yes! to swilliams@sheffrawilliams.com and providing your email address to receive the format, agenda and call in information on that same day. The call in number may have changed, so please reply for the update. “See you at the Salon!” Sheffra, CEO, H2H.