Testimonials That Win: From Bland to Brand Ambassadors, Now!

The Salon

  Your Business Salon for a Better World

          Worldwide Teleconference Call

           Retooling for March, 2016 Launch


    For CEO’s, Investors, Entrepreneurs

                   and Professionals

      Who Value Profitable, Engaged,                                  

            Collaborative Connections    


Your Predicament

You are chasing contacts.  You have a stack of cards from your last networking event, or your assistant has placed them in your CRM.  You have added them to your List; a few have opted in.

You know you need to collaborate with others to expand your influence and to reach more customers, but setting up your own call system, one at a time, given all that you need to do, is daunting.  Having your marketing team, if you have one, do the calling, is not the intimacy you know you would like if a CEO had taken your card!

You know that people  invest in people they like and trust, whether the investment is capital, time,  or the use of their products and services. You are a good person, trust worthy with a calling, but how do you show that in a way that they get?  Pushing that card and talking about yourself?  But wait, how do you know if they are the one for you?  Is it just that “one thing” that you want, or do you want a relationship?  Do you want mutual support and respect, the mutual learning and expanding your worlds and sustainable every deepening connections, and celebrations of both your visions and next steps?

 LinkedIn, a Game called, “Tit-for-Tat?”

You  hoped LinkedIn would help.  Many endorse you, but you began to notice that endorsers do not necessarily want an intimate relationship with you, even those who might already know you.  You are in a game you suspect could be called,  Tit for Tat:  You endorse me; I endorse you.  You are not making that contact your priority and neither is the contact all that focused on you.  You both are focused on your own vision and what you can get.

Loyalty versus the cheapest price?

You are not experiencing as much as you’d like, an engaged intimate relationship at the heart level, where you and your connection see the integrity of the “bigger why” as the expression of your gifts.  You are fighting to maintain loyalty  and increase you value to offset the “cheaper price” creeping into your connections vocabulary. You want that mutual respect, promotion of vision and real support for your next step, including investments.  You want that connection to be a “real” connection, in fact,  a smart, raving brand ambassador, who carries your vision blazing in his or her frontal lobe?

How do you get to Business “Heaven?”

Welcome to Your Business Salon for a Better World, teleconference community, a community service of  Heart2Heart Business Communications and Media.

I wanted that “Heaven,” too!

Business is the art of serving, and serving was a spiritual practice for me.  After joining CEO Space International, which advocates the Collaboration Revolution rather than the “Me” Business Cycle,which ended in the crash of 2008 and from which we are still reeling, I saw LinkedIn as a great tool to be truly of service.

“Heaven on Earth,” A Place of Intimacy With Real Connection

I quickly discovered that I needed to create a space for intimacy, and real connection, and a way to expedite that after giving four key referrals to a connection who had excited me with his tagline.  Two hours after sending letters to each referral letting them know how I thought each could be helpful, and after the referral letters to the connection, I realized I needed a more efficient way, and a more intimate way beyond reading a profile and a tag-line.  That connection never responded and perhaps did not understand that a connection is a relationship which is linked to all of the relationship of those connecting.  Each link, linked, and linked again, spiraling the visions, dreams, expertise, ideas, values and resources of the other links into the world, becoming the ways and means of bringing our gifts to the world and spewing love and goodwill along the way!

Massive, Active Support by those Who Carry Your Vision Wherever They Go–No Mastermind-like space where others hold their breaths and wait for their turn…

Your Business Salon For a Better World, Teleconference Community, Your Solution to Experiencing the Joys of Business:  “Having a net work of “Smart Raving Ambassadors,” those who value what you are “called” to do and are enrolled in helping you to do it, who see giving to you as a gift to themselves as well.

Global Resources 

CEO’s, investors, entrepreneurs, professionals from around the globe, and “gather” by way of a telephone conference connection every second and fourth Friday, localizing services, investments and support.  LinkedIn becomes a tool; it does not create the intimacy. Profiles on LinkedIn become enlivened by real people who in the Salon, share first their innate humanity, then how that humanity is reflected in their projects and needs.

Heart Connections Go to Work for Your Vision  and Next Step! 

Referrals, real endorsements, business deals and support for your calling and the projects that express your gifts is our forte.  The intimacy is compelling, sticks and translates into committed relationships with user agreements for clear values and commitments to collaboration, transparency and accountability for committed users,while guests are free to attend as often as they like to be renewed by what can happen in business.  Guests may also volunteer to participate in small ways to let the community learn more about them.

Free to Users and Guests. When and How it Works?

The Salon is by invitation only.  Invitations are sent on Monday or Tuesday morning of  that Friday’s Salon via Linkedin and by email.  Registration of a Yes! reply must be received by the Thursday, Noon PST before the  Salon on Friday.

Call in info, Salon Guide/Format, with sample Salon Stories and agenda are sent on the Thursday before the Salon.

“Explore Past Salons!” 

Our February 2014 Birthday celebration on February 14, 2014 Salon, 10:30 AM PST-Noon.

Free give-away by Michael Drew and Roy Williams, Authors of Pendulum

Registered callers got “Pendulum Fundamentals” by Michael Drew and Roy Williams, authors of Pendulum, seminal voice of the “We” Business Cycle, and how to thrive  in it for the next 30 years, before the next Me Cycle emerges.   Packet included videos, the Hugh Heffner Case Study and the failure of Playboy to transitions from Me to We; the 12 steps to intimacy building in relationship (you will see the glaring limitations of  LinkedIn and all of the face-to-face networking events you attend), and use of the four temperaments from Myers and Briggs, based on Carl Jung’s work, vital to embracing others NOT like you, and to finding your TRIBE, allies you have been searching for!

Guest Appearance by Desert Pete!

80 + year old prospector and storyteller, long dead, but resurrected in the Salon for conversations about his transformation from ME to WE, including the excesses of the ME cycle and the wisdom he gained and used in the WE cycle.

Heart2Heart Conversations and Public Q&A

Heart2Heart Conversations and Q&A with Salon Partners, who were CEO’s, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Professionals from around the world, committed to the values of the Salon, who shared first their humanity, then did business with one another.

Salon Format and Guide with ” Movie-like” Intimate Stories From the Salon

The “Salon Format and Guide” for participants was a 46 page document, a community building document which brought light and a powerful sense of connection to participants calling from around the globe.  It contained the purpose of the Salon, the direct benefits from attending, selected readings from experts that support the structure of the Salon, and how to become a Salon Partner. You knew how to participate which included participating  in our “Worldwide Check-in” by every registered participant. Everyone had the chance to be heard! There were lots of other ways to be heard and recognized, even if you were a first time visitor.  However, your silence was also respected.

We are preparing for our new Salon beginning in March of 2016.  Visit our Salon stories on this site to see the amazing word “movies” of what happened at previous Salons.  Get on our email/text message list to be informed about the events leading to the New Salon for the Smarter You, Because the questions are different, ” by sending an email to swilliams@sheffrawilliams.com.  Meet us in March 2016 because the world will have shifted.  See how “We Cycle” values and ideas can support  greater connections with your existing clients, make you a haven for new ones who will flock to you in relief, and a blessing to your community and for future generations of your family.

With admiration and appreciation of your journey,

Sheffra A. Williams, Founder, Heart-to-Heart Business Communications and Media

January 8, 2016