Testimonials That Win: From Bland to Brand Ambassadors, Now!

Wall of Gratitude

           People, Institutions and Organizations:

   Honored Contributors, Direct and Indirect, to

       the Founding of H2H and Heart Opening of

                        Sheffra A. Williams

                     Thought Leadership

                                                   James Hillman (In Memoriam)

Berny Dohrmann, Founder of CEO Space International

Ecotone, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Ray Bradbury (In Memoriam)

Zig Ziglar( In Memoriam)

Napoleon Hill

Kim Rosen, Poet

Dr. Carol Kaesuk Yoon, Biologist

Laurence Gonzales, National Geographic Journalist

Byron Katie

Dale Collier

Financial Contributors

Brett Lazarus, Owner Lazarus Lighting

Phyllis Straight, Owner, Bright Star Home Healthcare

Jim Miller

Ben Bennani

Don Near, State Farm Insurance

Marilyn Gausewitz

Michael and Inez Whyte

Debbie Muete

Olevia Tamar

Dolores Kollmer

Don Kettlewell

Ben Bennani

Naomi Valdez

P. Anthony Burnham, Esq.

Dr. Gabriella Miotto, MD., MPH

Nancy Shively

Carol Murdock

Peggy Jones

John Oldenburg

Patty Moore, Executive Director. Her Place

Reverend Felicia Wright

Carol Satter

Dr. Susan Van Vorhis Key, Entomologist, Ph.D


KIEV Radio Station

LA Times, Orange County Edition

The Daily Report

The Journal News

KABC Radio Station, George Green General Manager

Robert  Chesney


Orange County Business Network

Conscious Entrepreneurs

Jacklyn Flowers Presents

Entrepreneur Training

CEO Space International


Tommy Hopkins Sales Training

Southwest Publishing Company

Jim Rohn (In memoriam)

CB Vaughn, Jr.

 Center for Public Policy and Administration, CSU, Long Beach


Southern California Motion Picture Council

City of Anaheim, Community Development Advisory Board

Episcopal Church, Deanery X

Garden Grove Unified School ‘District

Saks Fifth Avenue,Off Fifth

Her Place

Straight Talk

Biola University

University of Southern California

University of California, Los Angeles

Shelly BMW

Wil Beach

West Coast Sand and Gravel


Patricia Wilson Pheanious, Esq. State of Connecticut, Department of Social Services

Growthport Partners

Dr. Susan Van Vorhis Key

Yonkers Community Action Program

Internal Revenue Service, Orange County

 United States Postal Service, San Diego Region

 International Association of Employees in Employment Security

 Washington State, Association of Employees in Employment Security

                  Michigan State, Association of Employees in Employment Security

                     CSU, Sacramento , Department of Social Services, IHSS Academy

Mandi Susman

Roger Kessler

Brian Hunnewell

Bret Lazzarus

Foot Solutions

Green Field Sports Parks

Rain for Rent,  Lake Oil Field Supplies

Association of Black MBA’s

Kitty Barton

Betty Wood

Virginia Dukes

Frieda Wolden

Small Business Administration

State of Connecticut, Department of Social Services

Toastmasters International

Crystal Cathedral, Women’s Conference

Saddleback Valley Church, Women’s Conference

Central Valley, Women’s Conference

National Association of Community Action Agencies (Community Action Partnership)

 New York, Community Action Association (Community Action Partnership

Other Companies

 Zack Stack, Photography

Superior Computers, Santa Ana, CA.

Holly Prado, Cahuenga Press

Cal Organics

Karen Vitkus

Burt Bees

Mother’s Market

Oasis Water

Orange County Rapid Transit

Enterprise Car Rental

City of Garden Grove,  CA

  Amazing Supporters, Encouragers, Advisors,  Coaches

                                          Mr. Homer W.  Williams (In Memoriam)

                                                                   Myrna Whitt

Dam Giri Braun, Ph.D

Michelle Anton

William Jaffe

Mrs. Evelyn Williams

Dave Phillipson

Berny Dorhmann

Dr. David S.  Gruder, Ph.D

Gerry Foster

Vincent Molina

                         Sensei Yamazaki, Japan Karate Do, Robukai,  Anaheim, Ca.

   Ron Wilder

   Win Boley

      Darlene Grimmes

       Gregg Miller

         Dr. Peter Bloom, Ph.D

       Cindy Joseph

        Jacque Mason

          Patricia Wehn