Testimonials That Win: From Bland to Brand Ambassadors, Now!

Our Stand

Heart2Heart (H2H)Business Communications and Media, a Sheffra A. Williams Company, is called to reach the greatest possible quality of clear, caring and compelling communication with our customers and all of our stakeholders, including investors, advisors, potential and past customers, vendors, professional associates, industry educators, regulators and policy makers.

We’re committed to stunning your potential customers, stakeholders and the world with the impact you have made on your customers’ lives through the amazing testimonials we gather from them and write.

We are committed to stunning the world with the depth of your calling, character and commitment to making more possible in the  lives of your customers and their communities, through the stories we uncover and create about you. The quality of your heart and consistency of our actions shall speak through our pen and services we provide you.

We warranty 
all our work: Your story shall not be released or shared without your written approval; your customers’ personal testimonials shall not be released without their written approval.

We strive 
to be the kind of people we would most like to emulate and admire, those that can see love, beauty and greatness in the impact of people doing every day work. It is our mission to call others to do the same, and in so doing, make the world a better, more loving place, through the platform of business.

We believe that what we focus on, we grow.

We see all challenges and concerns of our customers as opportunities to love more, learn more, do more and be better than we were before the challenges. We believe a customer’s WOE is an opportunity, but only if known. We routinely connect with you. We help you do the same with your customers, always seeking ways to let them tell you “what you have done for them lately.”

If we are unable to do what we agreed to do, we communicate clearly and with all alacrity. We limit that disconnect by constant awareness of your resources, time and commitments and of our own.

How we show up rests squarely on the awareness that we are called to purpose: To know and share our unique gifts for the sheer pleasure of it and for the enhancement of others; to grow, love and walk humbly before others. Living our word is the foundation of our promise. Conditions, events, outside forces only conspire to bring forth the greater miracle of Love@Work,  for what Heart2Heart Business Communications and Media stands.